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Optima Restore Policy Renewal

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04 May, 2023 by  Vinit Sogani

Hi All,

I have a health insurance policy with HDFC ergo and it's due on May 14 2023. They have sent me a link to renew the policy with two options - one is having my previous sum insured amount of 10lpa and the other one has sum insured of 15lpa and the premiums for both the options are increased substantially.

Today I have received a call from their customer service team and they are asking me to port the policy to ICICI Lombard. They are saying that hdfc has made a tie up with other insurance providers because large number of customers were porting their policies.

Now I am confused how can they on a official line suggest me to go for another insurance provider? Also, it is no where mentioned in the email and renewal link that my policy is being transferred to ICICI LOMBARD.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

10 May, 2023

Hi Vinit,

This has to be a fraud call! I am glad you didn't fell into this trap. I would suggest you write an email to the HDFC Ergo team informing them about this.

As far as your renewal is concerned, HDFC Ergo has actually increased their product's premiums significantly. If you are not comfortable paying a huge premium, you can think of porting out from your policy. Why don't you get in touch with one of our financial experts? They would be able to help you out. Here's the link for the same.


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