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Optima Secure/Restore not being issued

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10 Aug, 2022 by  Mrudhul


I am trying to get health insurance for my parents (59 - age of the eldest)

When I talked to HDFC ERGO customer care, they mentioned that both these plans are not being issued to customers with age > 50 and having Diabetes PED.

Are there any work arounds known to the community here? I believe it is the best fit for my requirements.

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Health Insurance

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Yes their flagship products are not offered to folks with diabetes as PED, you'll have to source a separate plan for the ones with diabetes if you're keen to opt a plan from. Hdfc only.

There are other insurers where you can have the same coverage and comprehensive offering, depending on the overall health vitals,

Happy to help you with it, feel free to schedule a call

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11 Aug, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Hi Mrudhul,

I would agree with comment from earlier expert Pankaj.

The two states products have limitations for diabeties acceptance when it is pre existing. If you are looking for Floater Plan from HDFC explore My Health Surakha.

Most other insurers have plans that do have acceptance for diabeties as PED.

You may explore the trumatch health report from Beshak and get plan options for the plan from Team Behak. You may also reach out to advisor on Behak's platform to help you buy a plan.



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