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Options for my parents

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18 Jan, 2022 by  Karthik Mungamuru

Hello All,

My mother is 58 working and is diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) - I understand regular health insurance cannot be granted but would like to understand other options to cover. like critical illness cover?

My father is 64, retired had angioplasty 15 years ago, BP and diabetes patient. I've enquired few insurers and they've mentioned chances of issuing a policy are 50-50. Can someone genuinely share options available for both my parents?


All of us are covered in my employer health insurance plan. In case if I leave my job, I'm assuming I could port it to the same insurer and avail the benifits of pre-existing disease wavier, is that right?


1 Answer

23 Jan, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Karthik

1. Chances are very thin that your parents would get insurance from any insurance compsny . If they do , it will be very expensive with 4 years exclusion . But I see chance as 10 % only .

2. No company would give critical illness cover for age group of your parent . Even if they were younger , they will not get critical illness cover due to continuity morbidity.

3. Ypur parents would have been added by paying extra premium and their group policy can not be ported without declaration . Then insurer would npt accept the case . They are not automatic member of group.

4. It is better to create an emergency fund with high premoum , you may be willing to pay .

Hope this clarifies


Insurance Samadhan

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