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Parents health insurance

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01 Apr, 2021 by  Vinay

My father is 57 and mother is 52. I have taken individual policies of 4 lacs each. My father has Asthma. Should I increase the base cover or take a top up policy and how much?

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1 Answer

02 Apr, 2021

Dear Vinay

Take a Super Topup of Rs 20 lakh , your parents would be adequately insured .

Ideally you should have floater of rs 5 lakh for parent and add super top up of Rs 20 lakh

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02 Apr, 2021
Thanks for the response. Can you please specify reason for a floater. Since my father has Asthma I went for Aditya Birla Multi individual Policy. I can still cancel it and go for a floater plan. I have taken Aditya Birla Active Health Platinum Enhanced plan. Kindly advise super top up with existing policy or with a floater one. And can I take floater top up with these multiindividual policy. Which one you recommend this plan or Max Reassure. Thanks.
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06 Apr, 2021
Dear Vinay I recommended Floater only for savings in premium else buying individual policy is better . Even buying super top up with flatter plan is economical . Both Aditya Birla and Max Bupa are good .
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