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Planning to buy term and health insurance

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06 Sep, 2023 by  Sharan Vrushi

Planning to buy term and health insurance. Do I need to add critical illness cover or I will invest same amount in buying health insurance?

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07 Sep, 2023
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Sharan,

There might not be a one line answer to your query. You should first understand how each of these work. Please do not buy because a friend or colleague or youtuber is saying so.

i) Term Insurance is to take care of loss of income when policy holder is no more there. The nominee receives the insurance benefit.

ii) Health Insurance is to take of your investments and savings when the policy older alive and is hospitalized for critical illness or any other medical issue. Key thing here is hospitalized.

iii) Critical illness Insurance is to take care of expenses of the policy holder due to a critical illness. Here hospitalisation is not required but long term care is required like Cancer, Paralysis, Kidney Failure etc. It is not necessary for a person to be hospitalized here.

Each type has a different usage and hence decision will be based on your current health conditions, past history, family history. You also need to give a thought on to what extent do you want the coverage is health & term enough or to secure all corners would you want to get a critical illness and disability policy as well.

Incase you are unable to decide you may setup a call with any advisor on Beshak network and then take a call.

I hope this helps you.


Rohit Dhingra

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14 Sep, 2023
Insure Delight


  1. Affordable solution buy a Clean Top up of 25 to 50 Lakh. Just make sure that its should not be capped for any modern or critical illness treatment.
  2. Or get the Higher Sum Insured Health policy starting with 10lakh & make sure to add extra Bonus feature. So that policy will be doubled or tripled with in 2-3 years.
  3. Just Buy Pure Term Critical illness Treatment can be handled very well by higher sum insured Health insurance also Critical illness there some list only that will be covered if you go for it with term plan so its better go for comprehensive Health insurance with higher sum insured which is affordable as well
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