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Plz suggest -cheaper Sbi arogya plus plan Vs PSU floater plan Vs HDFC myhealth suraksha

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27 Feb, 2021 by  Gaur Nitai

Hi sir I'm looking to insure my parents (aged 53 and 45) . We have moderate paying capacity around 20-25 k for insurance premiums at the moment. 

But down the line the yearly hikes in premiums and age related increase makes the future premiums of some policies( hdfc Myhealth suraksha silver, too costly( above 1.5 lac per year easily) 

In view of the above fact, what are your views about Sbi General Insurance health plans and Star health. 

Or should I go for PSU floater plan. (heard quite negative reviews from hospital staff about Star,No idea about Sbi general) 

 Sbi general is providing health plans at dirt cheap prices( 3Lac. Floater Arogya Plus at 10500) but i have no idea about their claim settlement track record and commitment.

Plz suggest if any of these seems a better option :

1.Arogya plus (3 Lac) + 10 lac super topup of 3 Lac deductible from HDFC/Bajaj

2. United india floater mediclaim (5 Lac)+ United India Supertopup 15 Lac of 5 Lac deductible

3. Star health family Optima/ Hdfc myhealth suraksha (5 lac) + 15 Lac supertopup

Health Insurance

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27 Feb, 2021
Gaur Nitai

Me and my parents all live in Navi Mumbai.

My father 53 (has diabetes ,conteolled ,not on insulin) , Mother 45( No P.E disease)

No allergies /No specific hospitalization

No Accident history

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01 Mar, 2021
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hey Gaur,

Thanks for your post.

You can avoid Star. SBI generally assigns Health India as TPA, which is one of the worst. Can be avoided also.

United is a good affordable option, but pick the right TPA for your region. What options of TPA are you getting?

Anuj Jindal



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01 Mar, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Gaur,

I wouldn't like to comment on specific brands or plans - without enough data to back them. Most of my opinion would be anecdotal at this point which will be unfair to the insurance company and also to you.

I would recommend you focus on the following:

  1. Benefits,
  2. Financial limits in the policy
  3. Ensure you declare your parent's medical history right. Read the article at the link here.
  4. Work hard to find a local agent in your area who has a track record of providing excellent handholding/service at the time of claim - such agents who take ownership of claims will recommend the right insurance company and process to you.

Some other things I would like to address in your question:

Moderate paying capacity: Take a smaller cover, but do not compromise on certain limits in plans. Ensure you have no room rent limit or any other financial limit on expenses (like copay or surgery level limits) in your plan.

Premiums being cheap: Can be temporary, honestly. Insurers have the right to increase their premium every year after the plan completes three years. We have explained how premium being cheap is a temporary advantage here: How is the 1 Crore health insurance cheaper than 25 lakh cover? (

PSU Insurers Vs Private Insurers: Buying Health Insurance from Government Company Vs Private Company - Which is better? | Beshak Forum

Hope this helps.



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