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Policy cancelled without notification

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06 Jul, 2022 by  Rani Nair


I'm with Bupa max for so many years now or both my parents where I nearly pay 1lakh per calendar year.

Every year Bupa sends me a reminder to renew my health insurance, but in May 2021 and 2022 I did not receive any reminders, and because of this I forgot to pay on time.

Now when I remembered and checked my insurance account it showed that it has expired.

I rang the agent and advised the same, who then said that they usually send emails.

I was also been informed that they had a few issues last2 years due to covid 19 pandemic where they did not have enough staff Bla bla bla.

Im very confident that I have not received any reminders from them.

I even offered to pay last year and this years amount

My question here is, is there any chance for Bupa to reactivate my policy without adding a waiting period for there preexisting condition which was already covered in the past


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You'll need to get in touch with Bupa and request this in writing, they will eventually decide on whether you still can be given a plan or not.

In my humble opinion, you've already exceeded the period over and above your insurance contract date where you could've done something - so this looks tough.

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10 Jul, 2022
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Hello Rani Nair,

It might sound too harsh but the truth is that policy wordings of insurance companies do mention the following statement about your renewals:

Insurance Companies shall endeavor to give notice of renewal. However, the companies are not under obligation to give any notice of renewal.

Hence the onus of keeping a track of the renewal dates lies completely on the policyholder. The grace period provided by the insurance companies for making the payment beyond the said due date is 30 days & if the payments are not done before completion of the said grace period, the policy gets lapsed. In exceptional cases, insurance companies might consider continuing the same policy by getting a good health declaration, if the policyholder submits the request within 60 to 90 days from the renewal date. Even in such cases, the decision of acceptance of the premium lies completely in the hands of the medical underwriting team of the respective insurance companies.

Having said that, almost every insurance company these days sends a prior renewal reminder at least one month in advance. This is done through SMS alerts & emails to the registered mail id & contact numbers mentioned in the policy records. Insurance companies' focus is not just on the acquisition of new clients, but also to retain their existing policyholders. Missing on the renewal intimation is a rare thing unless the contact details have not been updated.

Also, a good insurance advisor/agent would never let the policies of his/her clients get lapsed on such grounds. This also proves the need for selecting a seasoned professional while byuing an important policy such as a health insurance plan.

Hope this information helps you in making an informed choice next time you buy an insurance policy.

Best Wishes,

Satish Kumar H

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