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Policy Cover Clarrifications

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01 Jun, 2021 by  Sanjay P

Dear All,

1.For 5 L family floater cover with super top up of 20L ,is this available to any of the person part of the policy at any given point.As this turns out cheaper,I just wanted to understand why do companies sell higher SI seperatly if all one can do is just purchase a lower floater cover with a super top up.Is there any scenario where the super top up cover wont be applicable.

2..Also whats your take on buying insurance from private players in comaprision with players such as NEw India Assurance or Oriental Insurance Which one would you suggest with respect to claims processing,cashless and coverage perspective.

3.Any particular private player that I can consider .

4.The base policy and the super top up policy from different insurance companies is it a cause of concern?

5.Whats your take on the 1cr cover which is marketed on policy bazaar ?is it worth it or just a marketing gimmick ?

Thank you so much

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1 Answer

03 Jun, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant

Hi Sanjay,

My take on your questions is as follows -

1) Yes, coverage in a super top up policy taken as a family floater is available to all members at once. Understand it as follows - A super top up promises to pay the combined hospital expenses of all included members upto Sum Insured after the aggregate hospital expenses on all members in a policy year has exceeded a certain threshold called Deductible.

Insurers offer both options, high cover base policies & super top-ups, simply because there are buyers for both. Super top ups give you the advantage of price whereas one policy of higher cover gives you easier claim settlement (from a documentation point of view)

2) Private Insurers are as good as PSUs in terms of claims settlement & customer service. You can safely buy insurance from them. You can also read IRDAI's annual report if you want to know about the performance of each Insurer in detail. It can be accessed here.

3) No recommendations here. All Insurers are good. They function under the well laid regulations of IRDAI. You can speak to the stand-alone Health Insurers first if your question is only from the perspective of health insurance.

4) Managing documentation at the time of claims can be tough if your super top up & base health insurance policies are from different Insurers. As we are required to submit all original documents at the time of claims, cashless may not work as smoothly as we desire if our super top up is from a different Insurer.

5) Beshak team had written a good article on 1 Cr covers. I will try to retrieve it and send to you here for a detailed answer.

Hope this helps to some extent. Please feel free to revert in case you have a question.


Asad Akbar

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04 Jun, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant
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