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Porting of Health Insurance

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06 Oct, 2022 by  Abhilash Chakraverty

Hi ,

I had an HDFC Ergo (erstwhile apollo Munich ) Optima health insurance of 15 lakhs coverage + 15 lakhs no claim multiplier bonus accumulated since 2013 .

In Nov 2011 , I ported into Icici lombard complete policy with 10 lakhs coverage + 10 lakhs of ncb carried over while porting with additional riders of claim protector and super no claim bonus .

This year , the policy us up for renewal next month, but i do not see the additional 10 lakhs of multiplier benefit which was carried over from HDFC ergo in the renewal notice . Instead only a additional 1.5 lakhs coverage enhancement is mentioned .

Should i stay with icici lombards current policy or Port out ?

Does no claim bonus and accumulated increase in coverage amount get transferred to new

policy if i port out . My premium currently is Approx Rs 22,000 .

Health Insurance

1 Answer

06 Oct, 2022
Right Advice

Dear Abhilash

Incase of portability, the bonus earned or multiplier benefit is not ported. It is only the base sum insured.

It won't be suitable for me to answer your query on should you port or not without knowing further details.

You may schedule a call with any of Beshak Listed Advisor and have a conversation.


Rohit Dhingra

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