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Porting withing same company, do i need endorsement

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23 May, 2021 by  Manuhar Jain

Dear Sir/Madam

I had a Apollo munich policy for my father and mother (senior citizen) last year while renewing the policy I had ported this to HDFC Optima restore. My agent advised me to send a mail to a official ID along with details of medicial conditions (i.e. Hypertension and mother's opperation)

Post sending the mail I recvd a payment link and payment was not done. Now I want to be sure if these details are actually captured in policy or not. How can I check that

Also, though I ported policy but was in same company, so will the benifit of morotorium period applies to my policy

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1 Answer

23 May, 2021

Hi Manuhar,

You must have received a fresh health insurance policy certificate after renewal. Please check if the policy certificate mentions the pre-existing medical conditions of your parents. If not, you can send HDFC General Insurance a reminder mail (on top of your previous mail) and ask them to pass an endorsement to your policy. The endorsement shall state the pre-existing conditions.

Whether you port between products of the same Insurer or different Insurers, you'll get the credit for time served in the previous policy. Be rest assured about this.

Hope this helps. Feel free to revert if you have any questions.

Asad Akbar

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23 May, 2021
Manuhar Jain
Thanks for the quick revert. It doesn't talk about any pre existing disease (may be because it was being ported from an earlier policy, which was 7 years old). So the existing disease happened in the time of earlier policy, which we updated at the times of porting Since the overall policy tenure is now 9 years (8 years old product and 1 year newly ported product) and I do have a email, wherein I sent them details about diseases, should I still send a reminder mail to them or keep the records of mail handy
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23 May, 2021
If the said medical conditions first occured after inception of your earlier policy, it will not be treated as a pre-existing disease. However, it is best to write the same in a mail and send to your Insurer for records. Insurance is a contract of utmost good faith & the more forthcoming you are the safer you are at the time of claims. If your Insurer doesn't acknowledge even your second mail, you can just sit tight. You'll be fine.
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