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Pre existing disease information

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01 Jan, 2023 by  shyam srivastava


1. i have running health insurance policy since 9 years with same insurer. When I got it done, i did not have any medical condition and i got it up graded for sum insured also twice. But after upgrade to last sum insured, i have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Do 8 need to declare it or i have to declare only when if i do any further upgrade ?

2. When I took policy i was smoker and i declared it also. But now since a year i have quite. Do it need any declaration and shall it give any benefit in cost now ?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

02 Jan, 2023
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  1. For any newly diagnosed disease (i.e. after taking the policy, after enhancing the SI, adding riders etc.; basically after your last update to the policy), you need not declare to the insurer. It won't harm even if you disclose. But when you do any further upgrade, rider addition, plan changes, etc. you'll need to disclose about it. And keep your prescription/reports handy as the insurer may ask for those at the time of claim.
  2. If your policy has additional loading because of your smoking condition, and since you quit it now, it may help if the insurer is ready to remove that loading.

Thank you

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