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Buying a Super Top up Plan with Room Category Limit

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12 Feb, 2021 by  Shubham Kumar

Hello everyone!

I was going through Max Bupa Reassure plan. Overall, it appears to be one of the better plans in its category — Coverage for modern treatments, unlimited reset benefit (even for same illness + claim could exceed the SI), In house claim processing, dedicated relationship manager etc.

I was thinking of buying a base policy of 10 lacs along with a Super Top-up cover of 10-15 lacs.

However, the problem with the Super Top-up is that there is a room category limit - single private AC room. This is a big bummer and probably explains the low premium for the Super Top-up.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the same.

Health Insurance

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15 Feb, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Shubham,

Yes, you are right buying a policy that has a cap on room rent eligibility is not advisable - especially because no one can really predict how healthcare will pan out in the coming 2-3 decades for most of us. The chaos the insane hospital bills during the pandemic are recent proof. We would hence recommend you keep your search on - and look for a combo of plans where both do not have any kind of eligibility cap on room rent.

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26 Jun, 2021
Vikas Chawla

i don't think max bupa health recharge super top up policy does not have any room rent capping and Covered up to sum insured

please confirm

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28 Jun, 2021
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