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Queries about Health Insurance

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13 Sep, 2021 by  Info Seeker


I am purchasing a health insurance for first time. I have a few questions on the same-

  1. If a person develops lifestyle disease post 2-3 years of purchasing health insurance, does the health insurance company need to be informed? Also, does the renewal premium increase?
  2. For the above, is there a duration where insurance doesnt cover it?
  3. If someone increases policy coverage amount after 4-5 years, does the waiting period for PED start again for increased amount?
  4. Does super top up consider employer insurance payments as base amount?
  5. On portability, does pre-existing disease period restart?

Thanks in advance

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Health Insurance
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3 Answer

Regional Director, Amicus Insurance Broking
  1. Any illness or condition contracted after taking the policy and continuously renewed are covered without need for prior disclosure to the insurer.
  2. Not applicable.
  3. Yes
  4. For super top up, there is no requirement of base policy. Whether you have a policy or employer provided policy or no policy at all is not relevant.
  5. No
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15 Sep, 2021
AVP Insurance - IDBI First Bank


1. No. You need not inform the insurance company if you develop a lifestyle disease 2-3 years post buying your health insurance.

Health insurance premiums increase as per age bands and if there is a revision in the rates for the said product by the insurance company.

2. No

3. Yes. The waiting period for thr increased amount of SA will start again.

4. Yes. It doesn't matter from where you bear the deductible equivalent expenses of the super top up policy. It can be from a retail insurance, group insurance, employer insurance or your own pocket. The super top up will trigger once the expenses go above the stipulated deductible.

5. No.

Hope this helps!

Cheers :)

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17 Sep, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan


Compliments on right decision .


1. It is a one year renewable contract and material disclosure need to be made at policy commencement. It is advisable to inform but your renewal and rates are assured as per IRDA . Proper declaration avoids complications later on .

2. Each health insurance contract has waiting period , PED exclusions , sublimits and specifiv waiting for diseases.

3. Yes

4. Super Top up begins after a deductible amount . This smount can come from any source .

5. No

Hope this suffice

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