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Queries regarding Compulsory Personal Accident policy for owner-driver in a motor vehicle insurance

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10 Aug, 2021 by  Avinash Sonee


In 2018, the IRDA based on a high court directive has mandated the insurance companies to provide Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) Cover for Owner-Driver under both Liability Only and Package motor insurance policies.

I've a few queries regarding the same.

  1. Is CPA linked to the own damage component during a claim? i.e. If I chose to skip the CPA and then I need to claim own damage insurance for my bike/care. Does not having CPA be a reason for repudiating the claim?
  2. Is CPA linked to a theft claim. Does not having CPA be a reason for repudiating the claim?
  3. I have a car insurance in my name valid from 01-Jan-2021 upto 31-Dec-2021 in which I've taken a CPA. Then I took a bike insurance in my name valid from 01-Jun-2021 to 31-May-2022 but for this I've not taken a CPA since I already have another policy with CPA. Now, after 31-Dec-2021, I do not renew my car insurance since I've sold it, will there be any problem for my bike insurance not having CPA coverage for the period of 01-Jan-2022 upto 31-May-2022. Should I update the CPA policy to capture all the vehicle details?
  4. In the above case, the CPA may instead be a stand alone PA cover for 15 lakhs or more. Would it make any difference?
  5. Suppose the vehicle (with bundled CPA cover) is lost and the owner has claimed the amount for theft clause in the middle of the policy period. Will the CPA cover still be valid upto the full policy period?
  6. Suppose I'm the owner of the vehicle and I also have a valid driving license but I don't drive the vehicle at all, do I still need to take the CPA?
  7. Suppose I've a vehicle insurance policy with a bundled CPA cover and I sell the vehicle in the middle of the policy year, can I cancel the CPA cover and get refund at pro rata basis? Or can it be transfered?
  8. I get few customers who are taking motor insurance just because they want to sell the vehicle in a week or so. Do they still need to take the CPA? Do the registration authorities check for the mandatory CPA?

1 Answer

Regional Director, Amicus Insurance Broking

From Jan 1, 2019, CPA has been unbundled from motor by IRDA. With this unbundling, a customer can now buy a CPA under one motor policy and the same would cover his PA risks for all the other vehicles owned by him. There is no need to buy separate CPA for each vehicle. Further the cover under the motor policy is not linked to whether the CPA cover is obtained under motor policy or not. Customer has also the option to buy a separate standalone PA policy also instead of buying the CPA which will take care of the requirements of CPA.

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