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Query on Smoking Habit

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13 Sep, 2021 by  Rayapu Ashok Kumar Reddy

Dear Members

I have a query on smoking habit.

At the time of taking health insurance policy a person does not have any smoking habit but after 2 years he starts smoking and after 10 years he gets a cancer because of heavy smoking.

My query is the cancer is covered under health insurance which he had taken policy when he was not smoking.


2 Answer

15 Sep, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant

Hi Ashok,

Yes, the instance of cancer will be covered in the example given by you.

Although it is not required by regulations, but advisable that the insured informs the Health Insurer about any material change in her life after policy inception. This can be done at next renewal or anytime during the policy year.


Asad Akbar

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17 Sep, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Ashok

All insurance contract work on priciple of good faith that is all declarations at the time of policy commencement.

Health is one year renewable contract and contract remain valid if all initia declaration are correct .

Hencr all cancer treatment caused due to smoking is payable but health insurance product hsd a clsuse of self injury and excessive smoking , liquor or drugs can cause claim repudiation if Doctor write that disease is due to smoking snd patient was advised against it .

Hope this clarifies

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