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Question on PED before policy purchase

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10 Jul, 2022 by  ashok T


I am planning to buy a health insurance for my mother in law, she got diagnosed as pre diabetes and doctor asked to take care of food intake and did not prescribed any medication. Should I declare pre diabetes to insurance company in proposal form ? There is just check box for diabetes but not pre diabetes so not sure how to fill the form

second question, my mother in law had knee pain and foot pain during mid of 2018 and treated for a month or two with injection but after that no treatment because there is no issue. Should I declare this as ped ? Because I don’t the term of exact disease name other than knee pain. 

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12 Jul, 2022
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Hi Ashok,

As you are aware Pre-Diabetes is a medical condition where the blood sugar levels are more than the normal range however not high enough to be declared a diabetic profile. Most often people with Pre-Diabetes do not even experience any potential symptoms & in a majority of the cases, exercise & diet management backed by doctors' recommendations helps in bringing the blood sugar levels to the normal range.

Now about Health Insurance Proposal, yes it is mandatory to declare these details while submitting the application.

The application forms do have a section where you can declare any additional details about the health status of the members to be covered. There is also a question about changes noticed in the recent diagnostic tests done. Please use these sections & do not miss to include the details of Pre-Diabetes.

Regarding the knee joint pain & related treatments, it is extremely important that you include these details too and enclose copies of any supportive documents such as doctor consultations or diagnostic reports. Question pertaining to additional information can be chosen where you can describe in your own words the nature of the past history.

Insurance companies in such cases reach out to you if they would want any additional requirements to ascertain the current status & decide on the future risk associated with it.

Please note that Health Insurance is a contract between two parties (Insurer & Policyholder) any material fact not disclosed while submitting the application could lead to unwarranted trouble during claims in the future. It is the role of the insurance company to decide if such medical conditions are severe enough to be considered for policy issuance or not.

The only responsibility of the customer is to be transparent in answering all the relevant questions as per the proposal form.

Hope this information helps...

Satish Kumar H

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14 Jul, 2022
ashok T
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17 Jul, 2022
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