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Question regarding health Insurance application

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18 Aug, 2021 by  Jay

Recently I have taken a policy(Money Saver) for one of family members and I'm in the process of submitting the details of application. I have been asked to fill the health related questions, my family member is 26 Yrs old and had undergone a treatment related to the dental few years back, I didn't come across any question related to it. I have across related to eye, nose..etc but not anything related to the dental. There is others section where I can inform these details but before that I want to check with the team whether I can provide those details or not. I'm not sure they would consider any details related to the teeth. Please confirm and guide me what should I do?

Health Insurance

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18 Aug, 2021
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Although in almost all health insurance policies, dental coverage is not applicable, you can still disclose the details which keeps you on a safer side. Since you've already taken the policy, you can just draft a mail to the support team declaring the details of the dental surgery.

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