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How can insurer reject claims for other health issues that are not related to Parkinson disease

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22 Apr, 2022 by  Rayapu Ashok Kumar Reddy

This question is for Mr. Shailesh Kumar of Insurance Samadhan

Few Days back You gave some information regarding Top Up insurance for Parkinson patinets. In continuation to that i have a query.

"If a person suffers from Cancer/ heart problems/kidney problems or any other major organ issues how can these problems related to parkinson disease?

As far as i know Parkinson is a Movement disorder which has both motor and non motor issues. How can the company rejects claims if the other health issues are not related to Parkinson disease ?

Pls clarify and guide me in taking further decisions."

Health Insurance

1 Answer

23 Apr, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Ashok

I am not a Doctor to offer a correct answer but can try with my understanding :

1. Parkinson is a neuro disorder whichcontrols all organs . Thete is no treatment , it is only management. It increases with age .

2. Medicines of Parkinson like Syndopa has major sider affects which damages other organs .

3. Parkinson patients are very prone to accidents due to body tremors thus increasing probability of hospitalisation.

Due to these reasons , insurance companies avoid proposals of patients with PED of Parkinson.

Hope you are satisfied with answer .

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