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Questions about getting Super Top Up in Existing Base Health Insurance Plan

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08 Jul, 2022 by  opusocial

During the covid pandemic, we purchased individual health insurance policies for each family member via Policy Bazaar. At the time of purchase there was an option to add Super Top Up on the official website of Policy Bazaar.

However its agent told us that first we need to get your base policy approved by health insurance provider and after approval we can buy Super Top up. I listened to their advice because some of my family members are senior citizens and have PED. After the policies were approved, there was no option of super top up anywhere to be found on the members dashboard of Policy Bazaar.

A few weeks ago, I renewed some policies for the next 3 years and at that time also I was unable to find any option of adding super top up either on the official website of the health insurance provider or on Policy Bazaar.

I called Policy Bazaar for this and its agent seems kind of uninterested in telling anything about Super Top-up. That agent was ready to sell me new policy, but avoiding questions on super top up for existing policy.

I would like to know:

  1. How to get a super top up plan for our existing policies? Most of our policies are renewed up to 2025.
  2. Some of my family members have PED. In this case, will those family members gets super top up? do they need to get any medical tests done?

Kindly help

Thanks in advance

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Super top ups are underwritten more rigorously as compared to base plans, usually insurance cos will not offer or will offer one based on PEDs disclosed. Don't forget that age is a major criteria here as well.

Seeking a super top up is one aspect, being eligible for it is another. I think there are multiple facets to your queries.

Happy to discuss it over a free consult.

Also, just to be clear even if PB (POLICY bazaar) did not renew your plan, you still can have it renewed through the company directly.

A super top up can be applied like a fresh plan always.

Hope this helps.

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10 Jul, 2022
Right Advice


  1. To get a super top-up for your existing plans you may reach out to any of the advisors on Beshak's Platform. You could also buy it directly from insurer's website.
  2. It will be difficult to answer your query on PED as disease details are not known. It essentially is an underwriting call. Like Pankaj in the earlier answer mentioned it is not only about PED but also age that will matter here.

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Incase you think you need assistance on purchase of a super top up plan you may reach out to any of the advisors on the Beshak's Platform (click on schedule a free call).


Rohit Dhingra

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