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Questions on Corona Kavach and Rakshak

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04 Sep, 2020 by  Questions On Social Media

Happy to find website and your team to seek help which will be impartial

please do help me and solve my query will be really helpful for me

1) can i have 2 corona kavach policy for same person , if yes then is this means the cover becomes of 10lakh

2) if i buy corona kavach and corona rakshak from same company , i am afraid will they give benefit of corona rakshak on completion of condition of claim since i have already getting idemnified by them in corona kavach policy

3) what is the option for me to have 10lakh policy only for corona

i am really confused and have gave almost a month even then i am not able to have clearity about which policy should i buy for me and for my family with 10 lakh cover for each person

thank you !!

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

04 Sep, 2020

Here are the answers:

  1. There is no condition mentioned in the insurance policy document that restricts you from owning multiple Corona policies. Yes, so if you buy two policies of 5 Lakhs each - the total cover will be Rs. 10 Lakhs.
  2. There are no documented restrictions on buying Corona Rakshak and Kavach from same insurer either. Hence, if you buy one Corona Rakshak and one Corona Kavach from the same insurer - the insurer will have to pay for both the claims.
  3. One option you have already mentioned. We would recommend you buy a 5 Lakh Corona specific policy - and upgrade your existing health insurance to a better, higher coverage for the long term.

Hope this helps.


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