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Recommend Health Insurance for a family of four

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11 Jan, 2022 by  Prajwal Bandekar

Hello Everyone, I request the community to recommend a health insurance plan which suits our family. Asking this question on behalf of my father.


We had a cover amount of 1 lakh previously with a premium of around Rs 5000 which is set to expire this month-end. It was with The New India Assurance co. Premiums have reached Rs 26000 this year and we cannot afford this.


We are be looking at 1 lakh to 5lakh cover. Preferably lower the better. The selection of the policy would be based on the premium amount because nobody in the family is currently earning. An affordable premium would be better for us. A floater-based cover would do. Plans which have premiums that are from ₹6000 to ₹12000 would be fine.



We are a family of 4 people.

Father: 59, Retired, Has normal Blood Pressure Medications.

Mother: 52, Housewife, No Pre-existing disease.

Elder Son: 27, has been diagnosed with epilepsy since age 7 and is unemployed. Has medications to prevent seizures.

Younger Son(Me): 22, Student, No Pre-existing disease.


Residents: Karwar, Karnataka -581301

We usually prefer to go to Mangalore (AJ Hospital) for any treatment -575008

The second preferred would be Goa (Victor Hospital) - 403601


I(Younger son, 22), plan to get separate Insurance after I start working. I am very new to this subject and my father(59) doesn't have any idea about how to choose a good health insurance plan. I kindly request some part of your valuable time to answer my queries.


Thank you.



Health Insurance

1 Answer

12 Jan, 2022
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hi Prajwal,

Would it be possible for you to send your current health policy to

Something doesn't seem to be right. A policy with 1 lakh sum insured and family of 4 will not have premium more than 8-10k, also I don't think your elder brother can be a dependent in such a policy due to his age. Couple of questions-

  1. Which year was the policy started?
  2. How many people are currently covered by your insurance?

This would enable better understanding of your case.

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