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Recommendation for Health insurance +Super Topup + Critical illness

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11 Jul, 2021 by  Siddarth Bansal

I'm looking to buy a Health insurance +Super Topup + Critical illness rider/standalone , and came across this website.

I'm looking for insuring my family of 2(37,36 old) adults and 2(8,1 young) kids, please suggest some products to get me cover for Health, critical illness + Temporary + permanent total disablement and Early stage cancer treatments . I currently don't have any Pre existing diseases

Thanks for excellent guidance provided on this site helped me understand what should be the criteria. . What we really yearn for is for recommended products.

It would be wonderful if you could also provide an ideal portfolio of insurance for different use case. for Ex if you 30-40 with 2 kids, you should buy Term plan from XYZ+ Critical ill ness rider + Health plan from ABC + Super Top-up from ABC+ personal accident plan from PQR.

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1 Answer

11 Jul, 2021
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hey Siddharth,

There are several questions in your post. Let me address them one by one.

Ideal cover and product recommendation

Since Beshak is not an insurance selling platform, we tend to be unbiased. We prefer to provide framework to initiate users to think rationally and pragmatically about their insurance coverage over a medium-to-longer term. It would not be fair to name a product/company, unless you specifically ask for opinion/advice or comparison of 2-3 plans or companies.

As a starting point, you can refer to my earlier post providing a framework -

You've asked for Health, Personal Accident and Critical Illness covers. My speciality being HI, I'll restrict myself to recommendation on that.

Given your age and family size, I suggest go for a 10 lakh cover, with an insurer which processes claims in-house, provides you a plan with no room rent capping/limit, with no individual limits on treatments, with a no-claim bonus of atleast 20% on annual basis to be accumulated upto 100% or more and with restoration benefit to cover for extremely rare misfortune.

You can read our advice on several previously asked questions on this forum and you can learn about some of the products asked for comparison. I can then help you figure out which among those is better one to consider.

Ideal portfolio

It is hard to suggest a one-size fits all portfolio. It needs personalization because there are about 400+ health plans, 100+ critical illness, 500+ life plans out there. There's a suitable mix out there for you but do not go by direct recommendations.

Anuj Jindal



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12 Jul, 2021
Siddarth Bansal
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