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Regarding medical check up

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20 Jun, 2021 by  harivansh agrawal

Now my policy from national insurance company got issued medicalim plus in that policy it requires medical examination by physician for person requesting sum insured above 6lac irrespective of age I have a sum insured of 10 lac but I was never asked for go to medical examination before issuing the policy so I have policy without medical check up my age is 24 is that pose a problem in future claim

Health Insurance

1 Answer

21 Jun, 2021
Mohit Gupta

Hi Harivansh,

The medical test criteria is dependent on multiple factors including age of insured, general profile, sum assured etc. It depends on underwriting criteria of every insurer. Given that you are very young, it is possible that your policy was auto approved without the need for medical tests. However, to avoid any claim related disputes in future, it is very important that you provide an accurate description of your medical history, family medical history etc. at the time of proposal. Please ensure that you fill the proposal form yourself and answer all the questions correctly. That would ensure there is no problem at the time of claim settlement when you actually need it.

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