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Regarding reporting of diseases to insurance company

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25 Dec, 2020 by  chandu bhokare

In 2014 me and my mother was diagnosed with hypothyroid in random medial test and I was started to take medication suggested doctor.

I was take term plan through Agent in 2015 . They take my blood test (& all blood test reports found normal) and ask about any harmful disease from which I suffered if any . I tell him I am suffered from Hypothyroid, but he said that it is not lethal diseases. Hence no need to show this. (I was the first customer of that Agent).

Now while going through net surfing , youtube surfing and this portal, I feel fear above passing of my claim as I hide (not intentionally) hypothyroid. I was regularly pay premium since from 2015 ie more than three years.

Hence it is requested all of you

please tell what shall I do?. Is I inform to insurance company regrading hypothyroid or not.

If Yes, Is they file any case on me or cancle my policy or renew my policy with extra premium.

If No, is there any difficulty occurs to pass the claim because I was paid premium regularly since from 5 Year ie as per section 45 of insurance act.

Thanks in anticipation.

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1 Answer

25 Dec, 2020

Hello Mr. Bhokare,

  1. Your agent's advice was wrong. He should not have advised you against the declaration. Never do this kind of misrepresentation ever.
  2. Yes, sec 45 will apply - and you don't have to worry now. Your claim is safe and your family won't have any hassles. So relax!


Team Beshak

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25 Dec, 2020
chandu bhokare
Thanks Team Beshak for Quick reply. I did not except such a quick reply from your side. Very Very Good work.
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