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Regarding the difference in date of base policy and super top-up policy renewal

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11 Nov, 2021 by  harivansh agrawal

I have both base policy and a top-up policy with the max Bupa but there is a difference of 15 days between the top-up policy and base policy so can I reduce the difference days between them by not paying on time as there is 30 day grace period between them

my top-up policy starts from 30/05/2021 &

my base policy starts from 15/06/2021

so can I delay the top-up policy payment by 15 days to match the 15/06

If I make payment on 15/06/2021 will the policy starts from 30/05/2022 or from 15/06/2022?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

13 Nov, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Hari

First , you need to understand that both policies are independent of each other .

Top up comes in effect when you are able to establish thst deductible amount has been spent or used . So if you hsve top up of 50 lakh with deductible of 20 lakh then you need to establish thst you have sprnt over Rs 10 lakh .

For example , ypur total bill is Rs 30 lakh then super Top plan would give you Rs 20 lakh .

If you need cashless then you need to prove that over Rs 10 lakh has been incurred .

So it really does not matter that dates are different . Even if you insist then you can mske a service request while renewing and insurance company will not mind because they are getting addnl premium of 15 days .

Hope this clarifies

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21 Nov, 2021
Bajrang Lal Bhura
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