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Regrading Restore or refill benefit

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30 Jun, 2021 by  harivansh agrawal

Now company uses a lot of term like restore or refill I know that most of the company says it is only applicable for different illness other than claim is already made in a year but now company’s are coming up with conditions like Unlimited refile/restore for same or different illness like Max Bupa Reassure which says they will refill form first claim itself for same or different illnesses unlimited times

Now my question Is that do you think this is important factor while deciding between health insurance policy and do really company honour the claim if it is made under reassure/refill category or it Just a sales gimmick as to increase premium by 15-20% compare to normal plan with just a single restore benefit (which will work on after you finished up the sum insured completely for different illnesses ).Is it really useful?

As there is a lot more company is offering this like star comprehensive (for same illness also)

Health Insurance

1 Answer

01 Jul, 2021

Dear Harivansh,

I’ll directly answer your question : No Indian Insurance company can deny any claim if the terms and conditions of products are met at the time of claim.

If you are looking to buy policy and attracted by a particular benefit then please read the terms and condition and definition of that benefit which will be available in policy documents.

Policy documents of every product is available on the insurer’s website.

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