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Request for sum insured getting rejected under Manipal Cigna Pro Health Group policy

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21 Jul, 2023 by  Sridhar Gopal

Hi ,

I have a Manipal Cigna Pro Health group insurance policy purchased from Union Bank for my father aged 64. His current SI is 10 lakhs which I requested Manipal Cigna to increase to 20 lakhs . But they are not giving me the option to increase the SI apparently because I had raised and got processed two claims for two angioplasties for my father last year ( 2022) , though they have not yet stated so explicitly. In contrast my mother who has a similar policy has been given the option to increase SI to 20 lakhs.

I have read the policy wording and it does not state " increase in sum insured request is subject to underwriting" or anything of that sort . Can the insurer reject my request for SI increase under these circumstances ? Is there anything I can do under the circumstances to address this ? For now I have raised a complaint to their head of customer service but want to understand my options in this situation.


1 Answer

08 Aug, 2023

Hello Sridhar,

Apologies for the delayed response!

There is nothing you can do in this case. Upgrading a health insurance cover is not an easy task. In case one makes any claim under their existing policy or develop any type of lifestyle disease or medical condition, it may become difficult to upgrade the health cover. In such cases, the insurance company may either reject the application for a higher upgrade right away or charge higher premiums. That is why, we always recommend that one should buy sufficient health cover in the first place - when one is buying the policy.

Hope this clarifies! Thank you!

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