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Room Rent Limit - Room category except suite or higher category

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20 Feb, 2021 by  Nikhil Kataria

Manipal Cigna ProHealth Plus offers inpatient hospitalisation covered "upto any room category except suites or higher category". In such a case, the insured will be eligible to a deluxe or higher category of single room but not as high as a suiite or higher category? This in a way is better than restriction of "single private room" and a little less better than no room limit, right?

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1 Answer

20 Feb, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Nikhil,

Thank you for asking this question on the Forum. It will help many others in the community.

What "any room category except for suites + higher category" means is that the insurer is fine with the customer choosing any room, but rules out the super luxurious category of rooms (Suites++) one can choose. Such a limitation does not really limit the usage of the policy coverage in any manner for most of us - you will always be able to get a room of your choice in a hospital that is under this luxury category and have no deductions.

So yes, you are right this limitation is way better than a single private room, and has a negligible difference from a policy with no room rent limits.

Hope this answers your question.



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