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Section 45 of Insurance Act

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17 Nov, 2021 by  akshay kumar

Can somebody pls explain the relevance of this provision.

I don't want the insurance company to get any silly reason for claim rejection if I am not around.

And is it true that if the policy is active for more than 3 years, claim cannot be rejected for any reason what so ever?

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1 Answer

19 Nov, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Akshay

As per section 45 , an insurance company can not refuse a claim on ground of non disclosure after 3 years of policy .

This sectio 45 guarantees a policy holder thst company will not reject a claim after 3 year . But inspite of that companies take arbitrary rejection and take benefit of public ignorance .

It also create problems for an esy claim where companies just reject a claim if claim happens within three years . They quote section 55 and give a reason to reject claim .

Insuramce Samadhan is fighting msny cases where genuine early clsims has been denied .

Hope this clarifies

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