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Should I port my insurance from Star Health?

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21 Dec, 2023 by  Karan J

This is a query for my Dad. His comorbidities are Diabetes and Hypertension and he is aged 62. We live in a Tier2/3 city in Tamilnadu. He is on Star Health Comprehensive Plan since 4 years. I recently read an article and have been watching a lot of people complaining about Star Health and their rejection of claims. I want to port-out of Star Heath and choose something that gives better coverage and claim protection. Could you let me know if it would be wise to port-out ? If so how does one do that and is will there be a waiting period for the comorbidities?

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1 Answer

17 Jan, 2024

Hello Karan,

Porting policies is more complicated than it seems. The insurer will conduct a thorough evaluation and underwriting process again - and based on how risky your profile is, they can even reject your application or apply loading. Continuing with your current policy is a good option considering your father's age and co-morbidities. You can still try with insurance companies and if the insurance company is accepting your father's proposal and you are comfortable with paying the loading charges then you can go ahead with the porting.

In case you are still going ahead with porting then you may check out this article where we have explained in detail about the porting process.

Hope this clarifies, Thank you

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