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Should I renew Niva Bupa Reassure Floater or switch? Please read.

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07 Mar, 2023 by  Ayush Agrawal

Our family of four got our first health insurance plan from Max/Niva Bupa in February 2021 (Dad - 50, Mom - 48, Sister - 25, and me - 23). Annual Premium is Rs. 33,000 approx.

Our plan was ReAssure family floater with Base Sum Insured of 10 Lakhs. The policy was renewed in 2022, and is due for renewal now in 2023.

But now my sister is married and moved to the in-laws health plan.

And I believe that instead of keeping a floater of us three (Dad - 53, Mom - 51, Me - 25) which will get heavy premiums, , it's better if I get a separate plan and mom-dad in one.

Does that make sense? Also any other plans I should consider? Help me decide.

The existing policy expired on 15 Feb 2023, but they said we have 1 month grace period to renew. So I need to finalize quickly.

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09 Mar, 2023
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Hi Ayush,

I suggest you to immediately get in touch with your existing insurer and renew your policy immediately.

Since you've missed the due if any may get rejected, as grace period is only a goodwill gesture for you to renew your policy

Also, overshooting the due date makes you ineligible for porting. Ideally you should start looking for an alternative option 1 month prior to the renewal.

And for alternative options, we have a very good tool here at beshak, the trumatch report. You may get in touch with us via our free 1-1 consultation for the same.

Hope this helps.


Rana Sahib

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