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Increase our sum assured in Health insurance

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11 Nov, 2020 by Shubham Aggarwal

Hi ! Sir, if we want to increase our sum assured in Health insurance, which top-up plan is best and Why ?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

12 Nov, 2020
Team Beshak

Hello Shubham,

We don't recommend specific plans, but here are some guidelines:-

  1. Ensure you go for a Super Top-up (with annual deductible) and not Top-up option.
  2. Try choosing a plan that does not have sub-limits on room rent or any other disease.
  3. It is beneficial buying from the top-up plan from the same company you have a base plan, especially at the time of a claim.

We are in the process of writing a detailed article, that will come out next week. Watch out :)


Team Beshak.

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