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How to answer Smoker/Non-Smoker question in Term Life Insurance?

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19 Sep, 2020 by Jeet

I've been advising my brother for his term life purchase. We're confused as to how we choose the "Smoking" scenario. He's smoked for the last 9 yrs (32year old). He's quit since the last 1.5 yrs, almost fully. Might be smoking a stick here or there in a month or two. How should we DECLARE THIS AND how should we CHOOSE BETWEEN SMOKER/NON SMOKER?

Is there a way that the Insurer too can ascertain his smoking status, so as to help end this conundrum (Looking at ICICI, Max)

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Term Life Insurance

1 Answer

19 Sep, 2020
Mahavir Chopra

Hello Jeet,

If you look carefully, most insurers will ask you clearly how many years you have been smoking. You need to carefully check if there is an information icon or note next to the question.

For instance HDFC Life checks if you have smoked for the last 3 years, in this case the answer to the question in your brother's case will be YES.

In case of ICICI Prudential, the question is whether you have smoked in the last 12 months.

For all your shortlisted insurance companies, you need to check this question and respond accordingly.

How do Insurance companies find out whether you smoke or not?

Insurers conduct a nicotine test to find out if you are a smoker. Note, though they conduct this test, it does not dissolve you from your responsibility of making true and correct declarations - hence you must ensure you read the question carefully and answer it correctly.

Hope this helps :)


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