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Star Health Extra protect add on

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02 Jan, 2023 by  Bosch

Star Health has introduced two different addon sections under Star Health Extra protect ( What should be the course of action? Section 2 regarding deductible seems enticing, however the actual claim experience might suffer. Section 1 add on should have been part of base policy itself without additional premium.

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02 Jan, 2023
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Section 1 of the add-on is for enhancing the plan and it offers very good features considering especially a. Enhanced Room Rent, b. Claim Guard (consumables coverage) and c. Enhanced Limit for Modern treatments. This section is definitely good because these are some serious limitations in the existing/old plans. Although the premium of 15% is little higher, it would be of much help during the claims.

Section 2 of the add-on offers premium savings by choosing the deductible and this is useful for someone who already has another health insurance (like corporate cover) but the premium saving is not much when compared to the deductible amount. It may be good for senior citizens though.

Whether to opt for these or not depends on your current coverage and your requirement.

Thank you

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