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Star health has cancelled my health cover citing flimsy reason of failing to collect PED

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03 Jun, 2022 by  A

Hi all,

I am using Star Health for more than 5+ years and started with Medi-Classic Plan.

In 2021, I applied for migration to Comprehensive Plan and shared PED details. At that time their customer support said that PED is not relevant for migration but now in May 2022 they have cancelled my Comprehensive Plan as their team failed to collect proper data as a part of migration process.

I am left without any health cover thanks to gross incompetence on their part.

Though I raised the complaint with their Chief Grievance Office over email communication but I am yet to get any response.

Request Beshak team to advice me what to do in such a case.

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03 Jun, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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I would like to understand few things

1) When the migration was done did u fill the any form? Do you have copy of the same?

2) How did you buy the policy directly from insurer website or aggregator or from an agent?

3) Have you received any acknowledgment from Grievance office regarding your email?

4) How many days/weeks ago did you send Grievance the mail?

It's upto you to share the above details. At the moment it looks you might have to approach consumer forum or Bima Lokpal.

Insurance Samadhan could also help you this regard.



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07 Jun, 2022
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09 Jun, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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