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Suggest a best health insurance policy

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16 Nov, 2021 by  Sridhar Dara

Hi All,

I am 42 years old living in india, having not diseases. Non drinker / smoker. Looking out for best family plan.

Currently l thinking of Hdfc ergo/SBI health /star health (not sure if they're good)

Need your support to find the best plan for me and my family.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

21 Nov, 2021

Hello Sridhar,

Recently, we launched a new service called Beshak Community Connect (BCC). With this service, we connect customers who are willing to buy Health insurance with curated financial advisors from our community - who help them buy the most appropriate health plan (and cover amount) as per their age, preference, and lifestyle. This service is currently paused due to the overwhelming no. of requests we have received. In case you are willing to purchase health insurance or want advice on your existing health insurance, we would request you to please drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we resume the service.


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