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Suggestion required to select between ICICI Health Advantedge and HDFC Optima Secure in Pune

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16 Jan, 2024 by  Aditya B

Suggest a mediclaim policy to select between ICICI Health Advantedge and HDFC Optima Secure. I do not see any major negatives in HDFC Optima Secure except the additional premium cost.

However ICICI Health Advantedge seems to be cost effective with a Rs,50L cover for a 35 year old costing around 30 K. Plus they seem to have a lot of diagnostic centers in Pune.

They also seem to have many additional optional covers which seem good.

The only concern about ICICI Health Advantedge is they seem to be offering maternity cover. However, it is not mentioned clearly whether it will be offered for a 1 year policy or if one has to go for a 3 year policy. Does ICICI Health Advantedge really offer maternity cover? Is it trustable?

Please note that I already have HDFC Optima Secure but finding ICICI Health Advantedge cost effective. Kindly suggest if I should switch from HDFC Optima Secure to ICICI Health Advantedge. Also please suggest if one can port to ICICI Health Advantedge?

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25 Jan, 2024

Hello Aditya,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Maternity cover with ICICI Lombard is available with a 3 year policy. You can port from HDFC Optima Secure to ICICI Lombard Health Advantage if maternity cover is what you are looking for as HDFC Optima Secure does not have a maternity cover. Apart from ICICI Lombard there are also other plans in the market Like Niva Bupa Aspire which also provides maternity coverage. You can explore these plans as well. Why don't you get in touch with one of our curated financial experts? They will be able to help you with your queries and you can discuss your requirements in detail and guess what it is absolutely free. You can connect with them here.

Hope this clarifies, Thanks!

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26 Jan, 2024
Aditya B
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