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Sum insured + super-top up break-up

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30 Mar, 2023 by  SB

I am planning to buy a floater health cover of 20-25 lakhs for my family of three. What is the difference between going for a 5+20 plan vs 10+15 plan?

The premium might be lower for option 1 but i am not sure if there is any caveat i go with the lower SI. Please advise.

Health Insurance

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30 Mar, 2023
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Hi SB,

both provide the same amount of coverage , so that part is absolutely same.

Costing, in most instances, can be lower when base sum assured is lower, barring a few exceptions.

however the only downside is the double hassle that would be required in terms of submitting claim in 2 different policies if your claims go beyond the base sum assured. That is only a procedural ordeal and when one is mentally occupied with the well being of loved ones, easy and smooth claim settlement does help a lot.So you should go for higher base sum assured, if your finances allow and buy even bigger super top up policy when you have good health on your side. As one grows old, health gets weaker and one may not be able to sign up for higher sum assured policies. And inflation is one of the highest in medical field.

We suggest you to schedule a free 1-1 consultation session and get your TRUMATCH REPORT generated, which is a comprehensive diagnosis of your health insurance requirements and you will be recommended best available health insurance plans from across the industry.

We, at AntFinkart, distribute insurance products of more than 15 insurance companies. We do not force fit products from 1-2 companies, as is the standard procedure at some banks/brokerage companies and We keep client requirements at the forefront. Hope you find value in our proposition.

Hope this explanation helps


Rana Sahib


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01 Apr, 2023
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