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Super top up for 64 year old with two angiolasties

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02 Aug, 2023 by  Sridhar Gopal

Hi ,

My father had a heart attack last year (2022) post which he underwent two angioplasties with stenting.He had an existing group cover from Manipal Cigna ( purchased from Union Bank) which we were able to claim from.

Now , I am looking for any possible options to increase his cover. Manipal Cigna has denied increasing SI under his existing policy (existing SI 10 lakhs). So I am looking for a super top up policy that I can get him covered under maybe with a 5 lakh deductible and cover of 20 lakhs . While I understand getting any policy may be tough , I still want to check if there are any options for super top up policy that he could get covered under. Please advise.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

04 Aug, 2023

Hello Sridhar,

Yes, it will be difficult to get a policy for your father. I would recommend you check out our free 1-to-1 personal consultation service. With this service, you can speak to expert financial advisors of your choice, who can help you get a plan for your father. Sharing the link below for your ready reference-

Thank you!

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