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Super Top Up for future medical issues

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17 Jul, 2022 by  Rayapu Ashok Kumar Reddy

Dear Members

We are a family of 4 members ( ages: 32, 28, 4, 1)

The cost of medical inflation is rising at 10% per annum. So a medical surgery costing Rs. 10lakhs now will cost Rs.1.8 crores in 30 years . So i want to buy a super top of above 2crores now inorder to protect future inflation medical costs. In the future if any health issues occur i cannot get proper insurance .So, i want mamimum protection when we are healthy.Kindy suggest any plans of above 2 crores super top Up.

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2 Answer

17 Jul, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Mr Reddy

You are too pessimistic.

Hospital costs like Doctor visit, room rent is going up but treatment costs are not linked to inflation. Rather it has come down due to medical advancements .

Planning a super Top up of Rs 1 crore with Rsc10 lakh deductible is more than sufficient.

Go for any leading brand which has large number of network hospitals in your area .Each brand has geographic concentration

, so choose your brand .

Best wishes

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17 Jul, 2022
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Hi Rayapu Ashok Kumar Reddy,

We understand that you are trying to protect your family from future medical emergencies

We can guide you best with your insurance needs, you can buy a cover in combination of base plan + super top up

Currently, combination of upto 1 crore is sufficient for coming 20-25 years

If you wish to understand how, do get in touch

Komal Jain

Qualified Personal Finance Professional ®

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