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Super top up for Health insurance

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26 Aug, 2023 by  denny daniel

Hi, I have a health insurance of 5 lacs for my mother from Bajaj Allianz which is taken through Canara Bank. Her Age is 64 years. It was renewed on 18th June 2023. The insurance has been active continuously since 2018. Now I intend to buy a super top-up of 15 lacs for her. My question is 1) Can I Buy super top plans for health insurance bought through banks 2) Since the base plan was renewed just 2 months back how will it affect the coverage?

Thank you


1 Answer

10 Sep, 2023

Hello Denny,

1) Yes, you can buy a super top-up plan for a health insurance policy bought through a bank.

2) The recent renewal of the base policy should not significantly affect the coverage provided by the super top-up plan. Super top-up plans are separate covers, and they start paying after the deductible amount is exceeded during the policy year. The recent renewal of the base policy should not have any impact on how the super top-up plan operates. It's essential to understand the terms and conditions of the super top-up plan and ensure it meets your coverage needs. We've written an article on 6 things you should know, before purchasing a super top-up. Do check it out:

Thank you!

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