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Super top up for my dad and me

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06 May, 2021 by  Sushmit Kumar Mondal

 Both of us have individual 5lakhs good health policy from new india assurance. Problem is my father is 63 years old, has heart blockage and diabetic. He is also currently Covid +.

Please advise on any problems I might face. Also could you please advise on which one to take. I have had a great experience with new india assurance who don't have the product, so might be biased towards a public sector insurer. Moreover if the super top up is not from the same company, what kind of problems could I face when submitting documents, since the originals miight be with theo riginal insurer

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Sushmit jee, You will be able to apply for Super top insurance for your father after 90 days of Covid negative report as a protocol followed by most of the insurers.

Since he is a heart patient, it looks difficult that the insurance company will be able to offer him cover, still you can apply, it will be subject to medical underwriting.

You can look out for Max Bupa Health recharge and Aditya Birla Health super top-up plan.

Also, the only disadvantage of buying base insurance and super top-up through different companies is that you may have to go for reimbursement for the super top-up claim in case the base insurance company takes time in giving the settlement letter which a pre-requisite for a super top-up company to settle further claims.

Hope this clarifies :)

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