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Super top up for parents:

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30 Jan, 2021 by  Dhanush Nambrath

Hi All,

My parents are senior citizens (age 62 & 64yr). They have medical insurance of 4 lakh each from new India insurance. I am planning for super top-up health insurance for them with a limit of 15 lakh. They currently stay in Nasik, Maharashtra.

My mom had cholesterol & is pre-diabetic. Dad has high BP.

I did some study on the internet & found Bajaj Allianz has the shortest waiting period for 'PED'. Also good reviews about HDFC ergo and Max Bupa.

I need some recommendations from this forum to choose a reliable insurer even if the annual premium may be a bit high.

Thank you in advance.



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03 Feb, 2021
Dhanush Nambrath

Hello there, pl. suggest

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03 Feb, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hey Dhanush,

It's a good decision to upgrade your parents' health insurance.

Just a heads up - based on the age and pre-existing conditions both your parents have - you are likely to face some hurdles when buying the super topup - a medical checkup is the easiest of them. You may have to try multiple insurance companies before one of them accepts your case without any additional conditions - or you may get lucky.

With regards to recommendations here's our take on what you should be doing?

  1. Ensure you upgrade your base policy to at least 10 Lakhs. This policy being from New India, there is a chance of a Room Rent Limit in this policy. Also, ensure you opt for "No Proportionate Deduction" Rider available in their policies - this ensures you do not have massive deductions in future claims just in case you have to opt for a room above the room rent limit. Having an adequate cover in your base policy will ensure you do not have to use your super topup - which is essentially a backup/extension too often in the near future.
  2. Take a Super Topup over this 10 Lakhs sum insured - Ensure this topup does not have any financial limits, including room rent Limits or category capping (Private Room type) . Ensure it is bought in the same month when you are renewing your base health insurance from New India. More details in this article we posted yesterday: 6 Important tips to buy the best Super Top-up Health Insurance (
  3. Apart from the brands you mentioned, you must also explore Star Health, Care Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard We are not recommending specific brands as yet.
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03 Feb, 2021
Dhanush Nambrath
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