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Super Top Up Plan - Some Questions

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15 Apr, 2023 by  opusocial

In 2021 (after second wave of COVID), I bought NIVA BUPA 5 Lakhs Base Plan individually for myself and my mother.

I have some queries because I want to buy super top up:

  1. We didn't claim anything for 1 year, so we got NO claim bonus of 250,000. So my base plan is of 5 lakhs or 7.5 lakhs? I am confused regarding this.
  2. Super top up plan should be bought from same company i.e. NIVA BUPA or can I opt for some other company?
  3. If I buy from the same company, will I have to provide policy number of base policy and super top up to the hospital for cashless claim? Or I just have to provide them with the base policy number and their system will automatically take super top up into account?
  4. Just in case, if I buy super top up from some other company, then how will I claim cashless treatment, if required after base plan is exhausted?

Thanks and Regards

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1 Answer

07 May, 2023


Below are my responses -

  1. Your base cover is 5 Lakhs and NCB is 2.5 Lakhs. Insurers always consider them separately.
  2. You can buy it from some other company but it is highly advised that you buy STU from the same insurer.
  3. You will have to provide the details of both the policies.
  4. Please check out these two articles we wrote on this topic. This will clear all your doubts. Here's the links
  5. Topups or Super Topups - Which is better to boost health insurance coverage?
  6. 6 things that can go wrong with Super Top-up Health Insurance


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