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Super Top Up Vs Unlimited Reset Feature

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07 May, 2023 by  Anurag Ganguly

Hi Team Beshak,

I have a corporate health policy of 5 Lacs, which is not sufficient for me and my wife. Which is the best way to boost up my cover?

A. I can increase my cover in the corporate policy upto 10L by paying a premium of around 7k

B. Get a separate health cover from another insurer. I've selected one with 10L cover for me, my wife and two children (all of us being covered for our individual 10L) with an unlimited reset feature, in case my, or my family's base cover get exhausted in a year with the capping of such resets being upto 1 CR in a year

C. Get a super-top up from the same insurer as my corporate policy (they have room rent capping).

D. Get a super-top up from a different insurer (with no room rent capping)

I'm not sure if I should mention the insurance companies. But, let me know if I can get a better response with their details.

Health Insurance

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Hello Anurag,

My suggestion is to have a personal health Insurance policy with high coverage.

Minimum Coverage should be 50lakhs because health is uncertain once any major surgery or any health issues occurs then later on increasing existing insurance coverage or buying new health insurance will be very difficult.

Thanks and Regards

Vikram Aralikatty, CFP

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