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Super top vs base possible use cases

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21 Aug, 2022 by  Avishek A

I would like to understand if a policy with

Say 5L base + 25 L super top up vs a 30 L single base policy, which one of these would be a preferred one?

Considering the pre/ post hospitalization days, room rent, restoration policies may vary w.r.t. base + super vs single base policy of higher value.

Considering current health care system, how efficient would a 1 CR plan be for a family of 3? Should that be converted into base + super top up modle instead?

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Health Insurance

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Answer to your questions depends on just one thing where does your peace of mind lie,

There is no right coverage in insurance, what matters is what coverage offers you a worry less sleep.

Do understand that inflation affects everyone and a bigger coverage will that you're well covered in the later part of your life.

Also remember higher coverage comes at higher cost hence that's also has to be aconsideration as premiums will increase every few yrs.

The biggest drawback of a smaller base plan vs ST is that you'll have two policies working at time of hospitalizations which has its own issues of managing and keeping up with the renewals.

Also a super top up (ST) rarely comes with any restoration or no claim bonus feature, which is a drawback so sooner or later your own ST might have to be upgraded.

Whatever decision you take, choose the ones that puts ease of use for your family first as you'll be in the hospital bed at the time of treatment.

Happy to help you navigate you choices better should you feel so, a free call is a click away.

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22 Aug, 2022
Ravi Bisht

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23 Aug, 2022
Niraj SK

A Base policy will always be costlier in premiums as compared to Extended coverage in Super Top Up. This is because the probability of a claim being registered in Base policy is higher and in super top up because of the threshold limit the probability of claim is reduced since it will be only triggered in serious ailments / surgery procedures.

The pre and post hospitalisation periods in base policies are available from 90 pre and post 180 days max.

For 1 Crore of total coverage you may consider buying a Base Health plan for 10 lakhs and a super top up of 90 Lakhs with Deductible 10 lakhs .

Hope this solves your query

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