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Features in Super Top-up vs Base Plan

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26 Nov, 2020 by  Pratik Goel

Hi, i am looking to buy a super topup medicliam with HDFC. However, I noticed they don't include ambulance charges, home hospitalization etc, nor do they offer an option to convert to base policy after few years.

Are these factors important while considering the purchase or can be ignored? Their network of hospitals seem good as compared to Max Bupa

Thank you!


1 Answer

27 Nov, 2020
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Pratik,

Super Top-up policy should ideally have identical benefits (to the base plan). It should be a natural seamless extension to your base plan. Assuming that the base plan is comprehensive with low/no financial limits, this will ensure that there are minimal deductions when both the base plan and the super top-up are claimed together. For instance, to avoid major deductions, as far as possible, Super top-up policy (and the base policy) should not have financial limits for core benefits like room rent or treatments.

At the same time, bothering about the smaller benefits in the policy like Domiciliary hospitalization, ambulance would not matter a lot. Why? Because these are already covered and paid one-time under the base policy, and they wont be paid again once it is covered under the base policy.

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28 Nov, 2020
Pratik Goel
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