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TATA AIG Medicare premium vs other policies ?

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30 Nov, 2022 by  Shantanu

Hello Team,

Which health insurance policy can be compared to TATA AIG medicare? I see TATA AIG offering most of the benefits,even those benefits like Personal accident cover,hospital cash etc, which are optional in other policies?

Can you suggest is there any other policy offering such benefits? Insurance for Male ,Age -25 , No PED.

Thanks in advance to those who are answering the question.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

06 Dec, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Shantanu

My viewpoint

1. It is very difficult to compare product because it is build for a price point.

2. Each product is good if it matches your need .

3. Don't buy because some one sells ypu a feature , study and see the probability of occurence.

Buy a basic product which covers needs like medical emergency, room rent , exclusions . Buy another plan which covers personal accident , disability and critical illness .

It is better to buy two products rather buying one product covering all risks . It is like buying a thali in restaurant and leaving half of that .

Hope you understand

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