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Term application rejected due to health history

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10 Dec, 2021 by  Srikanth

Hello, Beshak community,

I am in the process of buying a term cover through an agent who is reputed and well known.  While filling in details online, I mentioned that


1)    My mother passed away at the age of @40 due to heart disease.

2)    I was tested covid +ve and was home quarantined for 14 days.


My application got rejected by the insurer saying that they can’t offer term cover based on the details filled by me.


Now, the agent has spoken with the Insurance company representative and the representative gave the idea that


“we will file a new application and we will declare the same health history while having a physical health check and not during the digital form filling and it should be okay”


 I was informed my the agent that I will have a physical test for sure.


I asked my agent whether I would get a written conformation form the representative about details declaration, but the answer was no.


I am not sure whether to go ahead or not.


Will the insurer reject my policy claim saying that the health history was not delclared in the application or do they consider the details given to the doctor during the health checkup?




Please advice



1 Answer

13 Dec, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Srikanth

1. Do not try to change your statements as it is all recorded . Any proposal of over Rs 30 lakh is underwritten through reinsurers who is common for most of insurance companies . So they have access to all previous proposals .

2. Second I believe that no insurance company would reject on the basis of two disclosures. There has to be something more.

3. Reapply your case in a large Insurance company like ICICI Pru , HDFC life or Msxlife giving all disclosures including rejection of your proposal .

4. Write a letter explaining your profile and your case will be accepted . More information about your work , life style and health consciousness would help .


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13 Dec, 2021
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