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Eligibility for Term Insurance at the age of 58

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06 Oct, 2020 by  Gagan Jakhotiya

My father is 58yo and has sugar and thyroid. Is he eligible for a term insurance policy? If yes, any suggestions?

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Term Life Insurance

1 Answer

06 Oct, 2020
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Gagan :)

Assuming your father is an earning member in your family, based on the information you have provided, he is eligible for term life insurance.

For his age and the medical history details you have provided, he may have to undergo medical tests, and may be required to pay additional premium over and above standard premiums.

It is important however is to first first understand whether your father really needs a term life insurance. The following people need a term insurance.

  1. People who have family members dependent on their earnings, require a term life insurance - Here is an article you should read:
  2. People who have a financial liability/responsibility (loans, family financial goals) higher than their financial assets (assets that can be sold or liquidated whenever required). You can read more about this in our eBook:

If he qualifies through the above two tests, then ensure

  1. you buy a cover of the amount (calculated as per point #2 above) and
  2. for the duration he is going to have financial dependents. Let's say he retires by 65 years of age, and he has a corpus

Do let us know if you have any follow up questions. Would be more than happy to answer.


Team Beshak.

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